Build a Website from Scratch with HTML & CSS

Go from "Zero to Hero" and Learn Web Designing Essentials in this HTML & CSS Tutorial for Complete Beginners | taught by Brad Hussey Watch Intro Video
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  • 8.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
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Welcome & What We're Learning FREE
What is HTML & CSS?
HTML Tags, Attributes & Elements
File & Folder Naming Conventions
Typical Website File & Folder Structure
Managing Your Production Files
Tools of the Trade
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HTML Foundations: Part I
Starting Your First Web Page FREE
The Doctype FREE
The Basic Structure of an HTML Document FREE
Page Title
Emphasis & Strong Emphasis
HTML Parent/Child Structure
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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HTML Foundations: Part II
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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HTML Foundations: Part III
HTML Special Characters
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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HTML Foundations: Part IV
IDs & Classes
Span & Div
Header & Footer
Nav, Section & Article
Abbreviations & Quotes
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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CSS Foundations: Part I
The Style Rule
Inline Styles
Internal Styles
External Styles
CSS Selectors, Properties & Values
Inheritance of Styles
Pixels, Percentages, Points & Ems!
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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CSS Foundations: Part II
ID Selectors
Class Selectors
Descendant Selectors
Grouping Selectors
Get Your Hands Dirty!
Get Your Hands Dirty! -- Minor Update
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CSS Foundations: Part III
The Box Model
Colours (or Colors)
Text Styling & Formatting
Sexy Typography
Background Images
Styling Forms
Get Your Hands Dirty!
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CSS Foundations: Part IV
Styling Links
Block & Inline Elements
Float & Clear
CSS Positioning
CSS Specificity
Get Your Hands Dirty! Part 1
Get Your Hands Dirty! Part 2
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Putting It All Together
Final Website Walk Through
About the Course Files
HTML: Coding the Header & Hero
HTML: Coding the General Content
HTML: Coding the News & Events
HTML: Coding the Footer
CSS: Adding Normalize.css
CSS: General Styles & Typography
CSS: Styling the Header
CSS: Styling the Hero
CSS: Styling the General Content
CSS: styling the News & Events
CSS: Styling the Footer
The Finished Product & Conclusion
Where To Go From Here & Bonus Resourses
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Course description

Web Design Course For Absolute Beginners

head-question_128Have you been curious about web design only to be scared off by all the intimidating & confusing code?

Guess what?

The two most important languages in Web Design—HTML & CSS—are very easy to learn! You just need the right teacher with the right approach.

That's where I come in.

character01_128My name is Brad Hussey.

I'm a professional web designer / developer, and I have a tremendous passionate for what I do. Only a short time ago, I was like you and had no idea what the heck HTML was, and I thought…

"Why do websites have to be built in that crazy code stuff!? It looks so complicated!"

While attending Web Design College, I picked up the major web development languages in a very short amount of time, and I realized something very important: this stuff is really simple!

Not only do I love building cool websites, but I am passionate aboutteaching others the way I was taught. The correct way.

The Best Way to Learn HTML & CSS

The most effective way of learning any programming language is to dive right in and to get your hands dirty. This course takes the "dive in" approach, and the theory is learned alongside the practical application.

checklist02_128Throughout this course, you'll be guided on a step-by-step journey by yours truly, and be transformed from a total beginner to a confident web designer who has all the right tools to begin coding your own websites, whether personal or professional.

No Experience Necessary

You don't need any experience to take this course. However, if you have some knowledge, this course will be a great refresher on all HTML & CSS basics you may have overlooked or forgotten about.

Take a Look at the Final Project

Throughout the course, we'll be building a handful of mini-websites as we go, but our final project is a beautiful web page I think you'll be excited to learn! Look at the final project here.

What Are You Waiting For?

I know this course will provide you with tremendous value, and give you a skill-set that could be life-changing, and guide you down a career path you'll be passionate about! Invest in your future!

Let's do this. Together.

Category: Development / Web Development

    • Internet Connection
    • Willingness to Learn
    • A Text Editor (Free Resources Provided)
    • Over 77 lectures and 8 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course, you will have a basic & thorough understanding of HTML & CSS
    • Upon completion, you will have coded a handful of useful HTML & CSS examples
    • In the last section of this course, you focus on building a beautiful, semantic, HTML & CSS web page
    • By the end of this course, you will have impressed yourself, and will be able to hit the ground running with your newly acquired skillset
    • Total Beginners
    • Web Design Students
    • Web Design Beginners
    • Computer Programmers
    • Bloggers
    • Aspiring Web Designers
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Brad Hussey
Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey is a passionate and experienced web designer, developer & entrepreneur. Originally from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Brad is a graduate of theInteractive Design program at Capilano University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

No stranger to the industry, Brad began working professionally as a web designer during his first year at University and has had the privilege of working with numerous businesses, large and small, across North America. Brad works as a web developer at his company Brightside Studios and blogs about minimalism & location independence.